How To Record A Meditation In Your Own Home!


The Meditation Maker Recording Course is a 3-hour series of simple to follow video tutorials that teach you the skills required to create your own professional, commercial quality, bespoke audio products.

If your looking to learn how to record a meditation, a hypnotherapy track, an EFT tapping sequence, an NLP training program, a Yoga teaching session, a multi-part life coaching audio program, personal affirmations or to narrate an audiobook, then you’ve come to the right place!

Meditation Maker is the only course of its kind anywhere in the world that takes you by the hand, even if you’re an absolute beginner with no prior recording or music making knowledge, and in just a few hours teaches you how to create your own professional, commercial quality bespoke audio products!


Ever wanted to know how to create professional, commercial quality, bespoke audio products for your practice and sell them on Facebook, iTunes and Amazon during the course of a single afternoon? Even without visiting a recording studio, hiring a recording engineer or leaving the comfort of your own home or work space? All you need is a script and an idea. We show you the rest!

With the easy to follow training in the Meditation Maker Recording Course, you can avoid taking years, months or even weeks to learn this knowledge. The course is designed with the absolute beginner in mind. You’ll learn all you all you need to know in just one afternoon. Imagine starting this training on a Saturday and releasing your first product to iTunes by Monday!

The course is presented in easily digestible video format using screencasts and my voice over to guide you. It’s as if you’re sitting next to me at the computer learning as you go.

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